117: Navigating the Current Aggressive Market of Multifamily with Whitney Sewell

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
117: Navigating the Current Aggressive Market of Multifamily with Whitney Sewell

Multifamily is doing well right now, the rise in population and jobs increases demand for multifamily, making it a great investment while keeping cap rates low. That’s good news for owners and developers but it also creates a tough environment for investors looking to get in with potential higher cap rates tomorrow if interest rates do go up. Luckily, we have fund managers like Whitney who have an exclusive Life Bridge Capital fund with a limited window to invest. But how do you navigate this fast-paced environment right now, particularly inflation rates wreaking havoc and scaring away investors? Whitney walks us through how they prepare and deal with developers and investors alike, along with their backup plans and contingencies in this current state of the multifamily market.


01:10 – Whitney’s close-ended fund
02:48 – Why Colorado and Idaho
05:21 – Focus on C+ type asset
06:14 – Fund structure and size of $25M
10:48 – Life Bridge Capital Fund 1
12:17 – Inflation and outlook on next year
15:28 – Safety elements to reduce risk
20:21 – The pre-covid project
24:07 – Aggressive environment of Multifamily
28:10 – Preparations and contingency

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