067: The Basics and Value of Investing With Mike Fitzgerald

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
067: The Basics and Value of Investing With Mike Fitzgerald

Welcome to The Big Mike Fund Podcast. Today I’m talking to Mike Fitzgerald, who lives in (and owns a large portion of) a small town just outside of DC. In this episode we talk about his town of Hagerstown, preparations for the future of the market, what a credibility site is, and we even have a short political discussion on voting for people and not just on party lines.

Minute Markers:

00:20 – Welcome to the Big Mike Fund Podcast

00:40 – A bit about Mike Fitzgerald and Hagerstown, MD

04:57 – Mike’s formula for success in real estate

06:35 – “Rehab” projects

08:08 – Preparations for economic downturn

11:30 – Mike’s thoughts on the future of the market

12:25 – The connection of legalizing marijuana to the recession and the market

13:50 – The basics and value of investing

14:20 – Hagerstown investments

18:45 – Credibility site

20:00 – Political discussion: voting for the people, not the party

22:14 – Advice for real estate investors or people interested in real estate

24:00 – How to get in contact with Mike Fitzgerald

24:46 – Thank you for listening to The Big Mike Fund podcast


“Taking action. Moving forward and taking action and not accepting ‘No’ as an answer.” – Mike Fitzgerald, on his formula for success

“I think we’re due for a recession but I don’t think we’re going to get one for another two years.” – Mike Fitzgerald

 “Although I vote (a lot of times) republican, I don’t always vote party line.” – Mike Fitzgerald

 “It’s not about what makes you happy for a minute, it’s about what makes you fulfilled for a lifetime.” – Mike Fitzgerald

“That’s actually a great point. The person matters, especially if they are sufficiently independent and if they have great individual thoughts.” – Mike Zlotnik

“Yeah, it’s a difficult time for middle-of-the-road people. They don’t seem to appeal to the extremes and the extremes on both sides seem to be dominating each party.” – Mike Zlotnik


Gideon Properties

Michael T. Fitzgerald credibility site (Password: abc)

Article referred in show: “City developer wants to make downtown Hagerstown ‘great again’

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