174: Recession’s Impact on Multifamily and Part-Operating Real Estate Businesses with Chris Larsen

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
174: Recession’s Impact on Multifamily and Part-Operating Real Estate Businesses with Chris Larsen

In this episode, we welcome Chris Larsen, a 20-year veteran in real estate investing and management. As a college student, Chris bought his first rental property at 21 and later expanded into development, private lending, distressed debt buying, commercial offices, and multifamily property syndication. Chris has been involved in over $400 million of real estate acquisitions since he started syndicating deals in 2016. After 18 years in the medical device industry, Chris retired and now focuses on helping others achieve financial independence through education and investment opportunities.

Today, Chris, the accomplished author, investor, founder, Managing Partner, and host of Next-Level Income, exposes the crucial topic of rising interest rates and their impact on multifamily and other investments during a recession. He reveals the steps you need to take with problematic assets and the investment opportunities you can’t afford to miss. Don’t wait, tune in now and take control of your investments in a recessionary environment! 


00:22 – Guest Intro: Chris Larsen

01:07 – A little bit about Chris

02:48 – How the recession will impact multifamily and his other investments

05:45 – Part operating part real estate businesses

08:14 – Car wash business structure

12:20 – The operation economy

15:55 – What to do with problematic assets in your portfolio

21:24 – Interesting opportunities

23:11 – Infinite banking

28:06 – Final thoughts

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Podcast: “The Next level Income Show”

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