135: Economic Crises We Face and How We Can Adapt with Jeremy Roll

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
135: Economic Crises We Face and How We Can Adapt with Jeremy Roll

Jeremy rolling into the show for the third time and he brings his usual high-level insight. This time it’s all about the current geopolitical landscape and its implications for the economy and our way of life. The ongoing tensions and the associated economic uncertainty are likely taking their toll on the market. While it’s tough to know exactly how things will play out, the energy markets are no doubt greatly impacted. The economic uncertainty is causing the turn of events globally and we don’t have any choice but to face this. In this episode, the challenges people need to face from employment to mortgages, to real estate and the wages of employees as well as the working environment are discussed deeply. Whether tensions rise or find resolutions, our best (and our only) choice is to adapt. Jeremy shares principles on how we can best go about this. Watch the episode now!


– Geopolitical Events Happening
02:02 Emotions and Economics About Ukraine
02:55 – Economic Impact of the War
03:52 – Important Role of Russia to the Economy
05:17 Disappointment of not taking a stance in Increasing the Production of Oil
07:37 Recessions on Different Factors
10:01 Disadvantages of the War Considering Wheat Production
11:34 McDonald’s and Stock Implications
14:05 Implications to the Consumers and Investors
16:32 Wage Inflation
19:04 Challenges with Increasing Wages
21:46 Difficulties in the Real State
25:23 Different Perspective in the Affordability of Houses
32:52 View on the Affordability of Housing Projects and Demands
35:10 Changes in the Industry and Adapting to Work Opportunities
38:15 Difference in Working from Home and Office Work

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