121: Diversification, Value Add and Storing Up Profits with Paul Moore

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121: Diversification, Value Add and Storing Up Profits with Paul Moore

Paul Moore returns with another brilliant episode. We go down a bit in memory lane comparing ‘the perfect investment’ of 2016 to other asset options of today. Self-storage investment has emerged as an awesome investment opportunity, we compare this to Mobile Home Parks and its similar lucrative potential. But the question is, are they all overpriced? Learn about classic value add and why self-storage is being recommended and utilized so much by top fund managers in their funds. Together Mike and Paul break down the dilemma of Refi properties and holding long enough for greater IRR or pulling out investments for lesser, and redeploying for other deals. Great piece of information you don’t want to miss! Finally, Paul provides even more wisdom in fixed low-income debts, inflation, and the opportunity of building wealth during this COVID pandemic, especially with self-storage. Make sure to watch the episode until the end and learn about Paul’s newest Evergreen fund with Wellington Capital. Headache or unique investment opportunity?


01:15 – Storing Up Profits, published by Bigger Pockets
01:34 – The Perfect Investment book, 2016
02:18 – Speculation in investment
03:08 – How to Lose Money Podcast
03:56 – Diversification Specialist and DD partner
05:16 – Self-storage and Mobile Home Parks
07:11 – Classic Value Add
08:58 – Refi or flip for greater IRR
09:20 – Why do people flip properties
10:11 – MHP and fixed low-income debt
10:50 – Self-storage and capturing inflation
12:06 – Refi and redeploying for other deals
13:48 – Current inflation is a chance to build wealth
15:11 – Number one risk of self-storage
15:52 – Rise of Self-storage during COVID
17:00 – Self-storage oversupply
18:17 – Welling’s Capital’s New Evergreen Fund
21:52 – biggerpockets.com/storage
22:21 – wellingscapital.com/resources

Thank you for joining us in another episode. We are committed to inviting more guests that give value to our real estate journey. Stay tuned for more episodes. To learn more, visit our website at www.tempofunding.com.


Storing Up Profits
The Perfect Investment
Welling’s Capital