104: Rates, Inflation, and the Economy’s Direction with Ryan Severino

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
104: Rates, Inflation, and the Economy’s Direction with Ryan Severino

In this week’s episode, JLL’s chief economist, Ryan Severino, joins us as we look into the current state of inflation in the United States, providing insight into the market.  

Ryan manages the economics team at JLL and is responsible for global and regional economic research, analysis and forecasting as well as property market forecasting.​ His assessments of market conditions have appeared in international publications like The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Financial Times and on business networks such as CNBC and Bloomberg. 

Join us in our discussion of rates, supply and demand, and what those elements indicate about the economy’s growth and direction.  


01:23 – Background of the guest 

03:32 – What is the current state of inflation

09:28 – Interest rates and inflation 

14:42 – Could there be an “epic stock market crash”? 

19:04 – Quasi monopoly 

22:43 – The housing market (demand, supply, rates) 

29:56 – Stimulus  

33:03 – Does the debt to GDP ratio pose a growing concern? 

35:39 – Could we be following Japan’s model? | Immigration Policies 

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