168: Will Shopping Centers and Retail Do Well in 2023? with Robert Levy

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
168: Will Shopping Centers and Retail Do Well in 2023? with Robert Levy

Robert Levy is one of the founders and Managing Partners of LBx Investments. Along with his Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner Phil Block, Rob guides overall corporate strategy and is responsible for the growth of the platform, acquisitions and execution of the firm’s strategy. Through his leadership, LBX has built a premier portfolio of shopping centers throughout the country with a concentration in the Southwest, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. Since 2016, Rob and Phil have led over $400 million in acquisitions.

Rob has more than 30 years of real estate experience. Prior to launching LBX in February 2018, Rob co-Founded BVC; an investment vehicle focused on acquiring Southeastern U. S. shopping center acquisitions and managed all capital raising (both debt and equity) and asset management efforts.

Today he talks to us about what managing shopping centers in his portfolio looks like. He also shares current trends in the world of retail, how it might do in an upcoming slowdown, and his ideas on deals in 2023. Tune in now to get better ideas for your next investment move this new year!


00:22 – Guest Intro: Robert Levy

00:56 – What’s going on in the world of retail nowadays

03:39 – A substantial discount over the last two months

09:41 – Is the stay at home trend broken?

12:53 – Rent escalation clause

17:51 – Fair market rents 

20:26 – Retail in the upcoming slowdown

26:25 – Expecting to see better deals in 2023

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Website: https://www.lbxinvestments.com/

Email: rob@lbxinvestments.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-levy-1a838721/