November 2015 Newsletter

We are about to enter the Holiday Season – Season of Joy and Happiness. But before we celebrate the Holidays this year, we should stop and reflect on the terrible events that have happened recently in the world. To the victims and families of the terrible terrorist attacks, our heart warm feelings go out to you.

Please observe a minute of silence.

Thank you.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Mike Zlotnik, Managing Director

P.S. This is supposed to be real estate update newsletter. So, let me give you a very quick update from the information I’ve gathered from the last few conferences/mastermind meetings that I’ve traveled to:

1)  Market Conditions – we are still moving up, but slower than before:

  • National Real Estate price trend continues to be up (14 consecutive quarters), but Q3’15 was the slowest increase.
  • Wage Growth is lagging price increases.
  • Rents are up 3% in 2015, but prices are up 5% over 2014. Gap is closing. It is much more affordable to rent than to buy in some markets.
  • Negative equity is at 13% now vs. 29% at the bottom of the market.
  • Florida is still the # 1 market in US.

2)  Best Productivity Improvement Idea:

  • Most of us spend 60% of our time doing things we Hate to do, 30% on the things we Tolerate, and only 10% on what we Love to do.
  • Imagine if you can give 60% that you hate and 30% that you tolerate to people who love to do that work, and just focus on the 10% that you Love to do.
  • This 10% is called your “Genius Zone”.
  • Create a “Stop Doing List” and Automate, Delegate or Delete things on that list.

3) Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) idea:

  1. Put appreciated assets (e.g. Real Estate) into CRT – get a tax deduction.
  2. Sell the assets within the Trust – no taxes, reinvest for income…
  3. Life Time of Income for the beneficiary(s).
  4. Help a Charitable Cause.
  5. Very Powerful tool if properly implemented.

Mike Zlotnik

Managing Director / Co-Manager

TF Management Group LLC

Inspire Capital Management Group LLC

Tempo Funding LLC