Freedom Founders Due Diligence trip to NYC

This last weekend Mike and I had a chance to meet with a few of our investors that are also Freedom Founders (FF) members. They came to NYC to see the projects they are investing in. Having this face-to-face experience was an absolute delight. In addition to giving us a chance to learn more about each other, our encounter also offered an unforgettable bonding experience.
Goodman Capital and the Tempo team co-hosted the event. Most of the credit goes to Eric and most importantly Kate from his team. Bill Goodman, Eric’s dad and partner,  was there too. It was a small setting event to show FF NYC and the assets that Goodman Capital lends on (or buys distressed debt secured by such assets). TOF and TGF are both investors in Goodman Fund too. The event was to build stronger relationships with the FF community. No selling at all, purely educational and relationship building events.

The folks who are investing with us now have an extra confidence level because they got to know us at a personal level, and our time together indeed reinforced their decision to invest with us. And what can be better than having a great conversation over a meal and a glass of wine! 
If you are in the Tri-State area, I would love to meet with you. Please use my calendar link or simply reply to this email with the proposed date and time for us to meet.
Thank you,

Alina Trigub, Head of Investor Relations and Marketing