Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC


TF Management Group LLC (“TF Management”) is seeking to secure equity and debt investments from qualified and accredited investors in connection with the Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC (the “Fund”).

Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC Overview

Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC (“Fund”) is an income and growth-focused, well-diversified real estate investment fund.  Fund’s strategy is to invest with the best operators in their niche, such as Self-Storage, Multifamily, Distressed & Discounted commercial debt, Conversion of Hotels to Affordable Multifamily housing, Office Redevelopment to Multifamily, Shopping plazas and many others.

We invest with people who we “know, like and trust”, negotiating the best terms by leveraging our strong long-term relationships and the significant capital that we can bring to their deals.

Approximately 2/3 of the deals we invest in have an "Income" focus and 1/3 of the deals have a substantial “value-add” plan creating "Growth" or appreciation.   Our primary objective is to maximize risk-adjusted return.

Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC is ideal for the Income-focused investors that also would like to see some appreciation along the way.   

The Fund passes to our investors a good amount of depreciation benefits, and a portion of the returns come in the form of Capital gains.

Summary of Terms – Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC

Fund Commencement: February 10, 2017
Fund Size: $100,000,000 maximum offering
Investor Eligibility: Must be “Accredited Investor” as defined by Rule 501 of the Securities Act of 1933
Minimum Investment: $100,000 (unless otherwise approved by TF Management)
Manager Commitment: $1,000,000 minimum investment
Fund Term: The Fund is an open-ended, Evergreen Fund with no specific end date
Return Objective: 10-13% net annual returns*
Preferred Return: 7.00%
Performance Splits: Class A Units: 80/20 split, Class B Units: 70/30, Class C Units: 60/40
between Members and Manager after Preferred Return has been paid.
All fees, interest and all other income goes into the Performance Split (there are no manager-only fees)
Member Distributions: Quarterly distributions
Member Reinvestment: Members have the option to reinvest quarterly distributions
Investment Term: 24-month minimum from initial investment date
Management Fee: 2.0% of Assets Under Management