Ten Things you Need to Know Before You Invest in a Real Estate Fund.


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About The Author - Mike Zlotnik, CEO of TF Management Group LLC

Mike Zlotnik has been a debt and equity investor in real estate since 2000. His career began with nearly 15 years in the information technology field managing Risk, Business Intelligence and Quality of complex systems, software and processes. 

While building a successful carrier in IT, Mike’s passion had always been real estate investing because of its predictability of outcome and well-understood risks.

In 2009, Mike joined Tempo Funding, LLC (Mortgage Pool Fund) as a managing partner and Vice President of Funding Operations. 

Beginning January 2014, Mike has assumed the responsibility of CEO and has since founded TF Management Group, LLC, launching four new real estate investment funds: TF Investment Fund II LLC (Income Fund), Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC (Growth & Income Fund), Tempo Growth Fund LLC (Growth Fund), Tempo Growth Fund II LLC (Growth Fund) and Tempo Income Fund LLC (Income Fund).

Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Binghamton University. Mike is a member of multiple real estate and investor mastermind groups such as Collective Genius, Freedom Founders, Venture Alliance, and CA Investors (Private).


Dr. Mike Hana

“I know Mike through other investors, I probably spoke to 50 people before I met him. Everybody says very good words about him. He thinks big picture and strategy first, which is very important. Mike is a mathematician; he thinks math every time I talk to him and he makes the numbers talk. He thinks of risk adjusted means that he thinks of safety through capital.

He's helped me a lot and his team is amazing. He's always approachable. He always answers questions within like, minutes. I’m very pleased with the relationship with Mike and it's really affected me, gives me a chance to scale back on my business and gain more freedom and peace of mind. He also thinks tax strategy, which is huge, at least from my experience with him. I appreciate everything he does for me, and I cannot say enough good words about him!”

Salena Kulkarni

“I've known Mike for several years now and have had the great fortune of being able to invest in some of his funds. He is completely about how to be of service first and foremost. And secondly, probably hands down he is one of the most cutting-edge thinkers in the space of private investment funds that I've ever met.

I run a mastermind in Australia, which is specifically designed to help investors build a six-figure passive income through alternative investments. And Mike has been one of my top trusted advisors for the entirety of running this mastermind.

What I appreciate about Mike is his attention to detail, the thinking and due diligence process that he applies to any investment that is added into his funds. His careful consideration of investor needs in terms of communication, reporting, and helping investors understand how to be thinking from the viewpoint of a professional investor is priceless.


Mike Zlotnik Answers these Questions

in this special Report:

  1. Is real estate investing safe?
  2. What is the expected return?
  3. How am I paid for my investment?
  4. What are my tax consequences?
  5. How liquid is my investment?
  6. What are the fees?
  7. What is the fund manager’s experience?
  8. How does the manager determine which assets to invest in?
  9. What’s the difference between open-ended and close-ended funds?
  10. What are the pros & cons of investing into a fund vs. individual deal?