026: How Investor Comps is Helping Customers Save Money

We specialize in providing flexible short-term hard money and transactional loans for real estate projects. We also invest in equity of strong real estate projects with proper leverage and strong sponsors.

026: How Investor Comps is Helping Customers Save Money

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Mark Jackson is the founder of Investor Comps, an online service that helps potential investors get the transactional and market information on a property. We discuss his company and the tools it offers to its customers.

I have personally worked with Mark in the past. We met in the Freedom Founders mastermind. I really like him and his company. Tune in to learn more about Investor Comps and how it can help you better prepare for your next real estate deal.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:21 — Welcome Mark Jackson to the podcast.

01:40 — Mark’s history as a property appraiser.

04:30 — The beginnings of Investor Comps.

05:13 — How Mark did his deals differently than other appraisers.

07:00 — What Investor Comps offers their customers.

14:05 — How Investor Comps’ service presents market changes to their customers.

21:20 — Features that appear on an Investor Comp report.

23:15 — What are some of the terms Mark uses during this episode.

26:10 — Mark’s opinion on the Air BNB trend.

29:40 — Thank you to Mark Jackson for joining the podcast.

30:13 — Upcoming events on Investor Comps.

31:00 — Mark’s book recommendation.

31:40 — Mark’s contact information.

32:15 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


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