023: Failure is the Best Teacher

My guest today is Paul Moore, the co-founder of Wellings Capital. He is also the host of the How to Lose Money podcast. Paul explains how his conversations with founders inspired How to Lose Money and how failures are the best teachers. We discuss how Paul got into real estate and why he prefers multi-family and self-storage deals.

Paul is the author of a book on the subject of multi-family real estate called The Perfect Investment: Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing. He shares his opinions on that particular space and why it has been difficult to find deals.

Also, Paul is a passionate advocate for stopping human trafficking. He speaks about his work with the organization, Exodus Cry and how my listeners can get involved in the cause. Paul has a classic rags to riches story that will both inspire and educate you.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:22 — Welcome Paul Moore to the podcast.

00:47 — How to Lose Money podcast.

01:05 — The conversations that inspired How to Lose Money.

02:17 — Your pain is your power.

02:54 — Paul’s background.

04:13 — How Paul got into real estate.

06:33 — Paul’s rags to riches story.

08:38 — How “giving your way of debt” helped Paul get out of debt in 13 months.

11:37 — Paul’s involvement with Exodus Cry.

16:24 — The reasons multi-family deals are hard right now.

17:33 — The opportunities in self-storage.

19:00 — How to find self-storage and multi-family deals.

21:01 — What is Welling Capital and who do they serve?

22:39 — Paul’s book recommendation.

23:43 — Why Paul does what he does.

24:38 — Paul’s recommended episodes of How to Lose Money.

27:17 — Paul’s contact information.

27:50 — Thanks to Paul Moore for joining the show.

28:13 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


The Perfect Investment: Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing

How to Lose Money

Welling Capital

Big Mike Fund

The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings by Steve Berges

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Exodus Cry

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