049: Are Shopping Centers a Great Investment Opportunity?


Today I have the pleasure of talking with Rob Levy, who has been in the Real Estate business for 30 years. While some people think of it as a going down sector, Rob and I think of it as a land of opportunity. It’s a little bit of all contrarian play in the space retail and America’s going through a transformation in that sector. Today Rob and I talk about how we can take advantage of great pricing and market, balance in the market.

Minute Markers:

00:45 – Who is Rob and what is his background?

04:24 – Why the good old shopping centers are still interesting and why they provide a great investment opportunity

08:00 – What kind of cap rates are you able to get today in retail

11:30 – Value: buying significant reductions to replace the cost

12:42 – The typical value add strategies in the retail sector

15:21 – Other strategic angles

20:00 – How Traffic and Population Growth plays a part in the retail sector

24:49 – Opportunities in the retail sector and possible future shifts

28:30 – Reaching out to Rob Levy

31:16 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


Rob Levy, Website

048: Real Estates Funds Explained


Today David Phelps from the Freedom Founders and I will be talking about real estate funds. We will do a quick overview, talk about what the big picture is (in investing in real estate), and where we’re going today with funds. 

Minute Markers:

01:30 – Disclaimer

02:00 – Who is David?

03:43 – Freedom Fighters

04:30 – David’s book, “From High Income To High Net Worth”

05:25 – All about Mike

06:35 – A little bit about different types of investing

08:41 – “What should I invest in first?”

10:40 – Public versus Private Funds

13:06 – Security as trade and exchanges

14:05 – Fund Objective and Investment Philosophy

19:00 – Risk-adjusted return

21:08 – Does the given fund live in quadrant one

22:58 – Diversified versus focused funds

24:20 – Open-ended versus closed-ended funds

27:19 – Equity versus debt versus debt and equity funds

31:12 – Income versus growth versus growth and income funds

37:27 – Who determines what the value is of the various assets in a fund

41:30 – “How do investors receive unrealized gains?”

43:30 – Long term gains and short term gains

46:58 – Income and growth investing

49:54 – Summary of the Tempo Opportunity Fund

54:48 – Freedom Founders

56:42 – Final Thoughts and Thank yous

57:18 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast

047: Going the Extra Mile: Portfolio and Investment Goals


Today I’m talking to Ryan Parson who is out on the road on the Motorhome and Money Tour for Mile Marker Club. We’re chatting about what the Mile Marker Club is, how to invest your money, learning along the way, and about what you need to consider when you are investing for the first time.

Ryan is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of the Mile Marker Club as well as its parent company, Heritage Capital USA. As well as providing its members with a larger pool of dollars with which to invest, attracting bigger, better deals and opportunities, the Mile Marker Club also provides its members with a curriculum of wealth education materials.

Minute Markers:

00:39 – Hi Ryan

00:56 – What’s new in the world of Ryan?

02:44 – Why Ryan started the Mile Marker Club

06:04 – What is the Mile Marker Club?

09:53 – Portfolio and Investment Goals

15:57 – The First Steps to Investments

16:52 – How the MMC Helps You Build Your Portfolio

20:00 – Continuously Learning

21:45 – Preach a lot of change, Change one thing at a time

22:06 – Mile Marker Symposium Event Review

22:42 – People need to learn together

22:57 – Are you investing to learn or learning to invest?

23:40 – “It’s lonely at the top.”

26:01 – Build the policy and constantly update

29:28 – Loss Reserves

30:29 – Infinite Return

33:06 – Common Equity

35:26 – When will you be done with the deal?

37:32 – Open-ended funds

37:57 – Final Thoughts and reaching out to Ryan

39:15 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


Ryan Parson, Heritage

Mile Marker Club

046: Economic Indicators and the Stock Market


On today’s episode, I’m talking with economist and trader, Frances Newton Stacy. She works for Optimal Capital as the director of portfolio strategy. Frances is also a frequent guest on both CNBC, as well as Fox Business News as a commentator on Central Bank Policy. She also blogs about the trading community by helping to recognize key cycles and significant support and resistance levels. We’re talking about economic policy and what’s going on in the stock market. 

Minute Markers:

00:32 – Introductions

01:50 – Frances’ background

03:36 – Where the stock market is now

04:07 – What is inflation?

04:33 – Late cycle

06:43 – Repo operation

08:00 – The P is historically high

09:18 – The valuation stretch

09:49 – The mechanisms of debt

11:35 – The big reversion

13:00 – Defining inflation

14:37 – Deflation

16:33 – Raising rates too much too fast

21:49 – Why debt? What is debt?

23:35 – Technical recession 

26:50 – Real estate investments and the future

30:10 – Reaching out to Frances Newton Stacy

31:11 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


Frances Newton Stacy, Twitter

Frances Newton Stacy, email: frances@optimalcapital.com

045: Million Dollar Wholesaler


Today I talk with the energetic #1 Wholesaler in the US last year, Tom Krol. We talk about family and Wholesaling. Not wholesaling furniture, tomatoes, or pajamas, but wholesaling real estate. Tom explains his views on business, what wholesaling is (it’s all about marketing and less about real estate), and coaching.

Minute Markers:

00:32 – Hi Tom

00:59 – Tom’s backstory

03:59 – How Real Estate Wholesaling Works

05:08 – Every wholesaling business should do three things

05:55 – Wholesaling real estate should be like a pawnshop

06:49 – Tom’s definition of a business

07:49 – Wholesaling definition summary

09:54 – What marketing strategies Tom uses for his Wholesaling business

12:37 – The major mistakes that struggling wholesalers make

15:55 – How do people figure out what works?

18:18 – How do you get started & how do you find out the perfect marketing strategy?

20:34 – Constantly be in a mentorship

25:45 – Trust and Verify, know the numbers.

27:22 – Finding the right coach

29:13 – Where to find Tom

30:30 – Final Thoughts

32:20 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


Wholesaling Inc

044: Increase Cash Flow and Generate Passive Income


Today I am talking with Chris Miles, the “cash flow expert” on the craziness of a full household, how he creates cash flow for thousands of his clients, his definition of infinite banking, and creating acceleration in your finances.

Minute Markers:

00:28 – Welcome Chris Miles

02:25 – The Business Side of Chris Miles 

03:41 – Retirement versus Financial Independence

05:33 – Infinite banking

09:21 – What infinite banking does

11:40 – How Chris helps folks build cash flow

14:50 – How do you tap into equity?

17:39 – Mutual Funds

19:15 – How do we create acceleration?

22:18 – The cost of money versus what you are collecting on the money

23:00 – How Chris works with his clients/where to find Chris

24:13 – Final Thoughts: Infinite Banking

26:12 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


Chris Miles

Money Ripples

The Chris Miles Money Show

043: Are Quad Cities Ideal for Turnkey Real Estate Investments?


Today we talked with long-time guest Matt Larson about why Quad Cities is a great place to live and do real estate; the process and statistics for turn-key starter homes; and the ins and outs of working with contractors.

Minute Markers:

00:28 – Welcome Matt Larson

01:05 – About Matt

03:51 – Why Matt Does Turn-Key Real Estate

04:55 – Why Quad Cities Does So Well

05:26 – What You Won’t Get with Quad Cities

06:18 – Home, Sweet Home & The Steady Eddy Market

07:33 – Will Quad Cities Do Well in The Down Market?

09:05 – The “Teeter-Totter” to Determine the Economy

10:22 – What to Do During A Market Crash

11:15 – Advice for Buyers

12:20 – Typical Stats for Turn-Key Starter Homes

16:45 – The Value Growth

19:12 – Executing a 3-4 Month Cycle

23:30 – Work Blueprint with Contractors

25:30 – Project Plan and Budget

28:35 – Working with Contractors

31:00 – Giving Matt Credit

31:45 – Praise for Mike

33:28 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


Matt Larson LinkedIn

Easy Street Properties (Property Investment)

Matt Larson: mlarson@easystreetprops.com

042: How to Raise Money from Mom and Pop Investors

My guest today is Jay Conner from Moorhead City, North Carolina. A big, kind shark in a small pond, he works in small-town real estate investments. Today we talk about raising “small money,  ‘mom-and-pop’ style money” for real estate deals.


00:30  — Introduce Jay Conner to the show

00:53 — Moorhead City, North Carolina

01:41 — Small city with private funds “Mom and pop money for real estate deals”

02:05 — Why “mom-and-pop money” is great for businesses who need investments

04:17 — Giving Jay Connor credit for his amazing accomplishment

05:11 — How do you go from $0.00 to $2 million in 90 days?

05:37 — Develop a program to offer people

06:18 — “Warm market”

06:57 — Jay’s program

08:34 — Why Jay’s program is perfect for “soft money” lenders

09:09 — How do you bridge the trust between you and a “soft money” lender?

09:40 — “Positioning”

12:15 — Focus on the program

13:46 — The bottom line answer

14:18 — How does a brand new real estate investor do this program?

15:20 — Recap of Jay’s answer

15:28 — One of the best ways-these days-to deliver a message and why

17:13 — The three types of partners

18:07 — How to break through on your warm leads

18:51 — How to host a successful private lender luncheon

19:15 — Who do you invite to a private lender luncheon

20:37 — How to have credibility at private luncheons

21:21 — The good ol’ traditional way to build investor trust in small towns

23:14 — Jay’s free online class 

24:00 — Thank you, Jay!

24:16 — Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


Tempo Management Group LLC: https://tempofunding.com/

Jay’s Free Online Class: https://www.jayconner.com/training/wtgtmn-webinar-rev2/

“Education works better than trying to sell them.” — Mike Zlotnick

041: Real Estate Syndication Explained: How to Get Started

My guest today is Whitney Sewell, the Director at Lifebridge Capital. He’s involved in real estate syndications. We discuss the basics of syndications and what kinds of deals Whitney is seeing in the course of his work.

Blaine has some helpful suggestions about how to get started in syndications.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:29 – Welcome Whitney Sewell to the podcast

00:41 — Who is Whitney

03:39 – What Whitney is doing in real estate syndications

05:10 – Whitney’s podcast

05:58 – How someone gets started in syndication

06:34 – How to find sponsors for syndication

12:18 – What kind of syndication deals Whitney is seeing today

17:32 – Examples of interesting deals coming through the syndication pipeline

21:28 – Best practices to find multi-family deals off-market

25:21 – Thoughts and suggestions from Whitney

28:45 – How to contact Whitney

30:00 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast. 


Whitney Sewell

Lifebridge Capital

The Real Estate Syndication Show

The Road Less Stupid


040: Clarity Mindset for Financial Goals

My guest today is Blaine Oelkers, the Chief Results Officer at Freedom Founders Mastermind Group. He has a successful method that helps his clients achieve their financial goals. We discuss his approach to helping his clients and how Masterminds are the perfect tool to do that.

Blaine has some useful reading recommendations and a personal approach that makes him great to work with.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:22 — Welcome Blaine Oelkers to the show.

01:40 — Who is Blaine?

02:50 — Why Blaine chooses to work from home.

05:14 — How to encourage a desire for wealth and leadership thinking.

07:11 — How the book, Think and Grow Rich helped Blaine.

10:46 — The power of mastermind groups.

11:57 — The differences between Freedom Founders and Collective Genius.

14:42 — The concept of masterminding with God.

17:35 — How to achieve results in your financial goals.

19:30 — Celebrating weekly wins.

19:59 — How to focus your clarity.

20:29 — Staying accountable to your goals and results.

23:16 — Blaine’s contact information.

25:02 — Thank you to Blaine for joining the podcast.

26:11 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


Blaine on LinkedIn

Blaine’s Tedx Talk

Forced Clarity

Freedom Founders

TF Management Group

Real Estate Investment Fund: How to Choose a SMART Real Estate Investing Fund: Top 10 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid Before Investing Into a Real Estate Fund (Private Money, REITs, Equity, Structure, Tax) by Mike Zlotnik

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman

The Collective Genius