September Investor Updates

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In the recent years, Tempo Funding, LLC has provided a yield to our investor community of an 11-13% range. While we strive to continue to provide this type of return, market conditions require that we adjust the rate that we pay our investors to align to the rates we deploy the capital on our loans and staying competitive. Our sector …

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April 2015 Newsletter

Welcome. It is our goal to keep our investors, borrowers, closing agents, and other stakeholders informed and in-touch with the latest developments at Tempo Funding, LLC. We aim to accomplish this by providing you updates, education and industry news through this Monthly Newsletter. We hope you enjoy it and welcome your feedback. This month features: Mike Zlotnik / Managing Director …

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February 2015 Newsletter

Recent Deal Examples. Naples, Florida Purchase Price $150,000 Rehab $10,000 After repair value $200,000 Loan Amount $140,000 Funded November 14, 2014 Closed January 12, 2015 DeMotte, Indiana Purchase price $68,250 Rehab $42,000 After repair value $250,000 Loan Amount $115,000 Funded May 23, 2014 Closed December 31, 2014 Commonly Asked Questions. How to take your business to the next level? Many …

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