146: A Guide to Preparing for an Expected Severe Recession – Part 2 with Alastair Macdonald

Big Mike Fund Podcast
Big Mike Fund Podcast
146: A Guide to Preparing for an Expected Severe Recession - Part 2 with Alastair Macdonald

One episode is not enough to cover Inflation, rising interest rates, and an impending recession. So to continue on this topic, we once again invite Alastair MacDonald on our show to talk to us about the reality of the current situation.

Alastair is an international analyst, forecaster, speaker, writer and investment consultant. He is the founder and editor of “The Parallax Report,” a subscription-based market, social and economic forecasting service for individual investors, and institutions.

In this installment, Alastair goes deep into what investors can do to mitigate the effects of a recession. He also talks about How we protect against rapidly rising interest rates, and the energy sector. Tune in and be informed!


00:23 – Guest Intro: Alastair Macdonald

01:34 – We are heading into a recession 

06:27 – What can folks do?

08:23 – The next half cycle exposes the difference between those who have have full cycle entrepreneurial understanding vs half cycle understanding 

12:00 – What prudent investors do today

13:10 – How do we protect against rapidly rising interest rates?

15:14 – Will demand be as strong when unemployment numbers start rising?

16:48 – It’s a stress test

21:19 – The feds will come in and say that’s enough

26:14 – What else can investors do?

32:23 – Is energy a good sector to go in?

34:28 – Paying attention to the inherent time bound assumptions

37:26 – Forecasting

40:10 – Shepherds of capital

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Website: https://fullcycledentist.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alastair.j.macdonald