TF Management Group LLC is a private investment fund management company that specializes in both long-term “value-add” equity deals with strong sponsors, good cash-flow and forced appreciation with proper debt leverage to maximize risk-adjusted-returns and short-term debt financing for real estate “fix and flip” projects.

Why Invest with TF Manegement Group LLC

  1. TF Management Group LLC is a national real estate investment firm, with offices in New York that provides short and long term debt and equity financing for a variety of real estate investments, including both residential and commercial properties.
  2. TF Management Group LLC principals have successfully originated and serviced over 700 real estate private loans since 2009, totaling over $100 million in loan volume, and invested millions of dollars in a range of multifamily, commercial, residential properties.
  3. The founding principals have over 25 years of combined real estate experience and are actively involved in the real estate investment space in a wide breath of activities including private lending, development, acquisitions, construction, property management and education.

Key Benefits

  • Strong track record of double-digit returns
  • Deep experience providing short-term bridge loans
  • Intelligent due-diligence and underwriting
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Suitable for self-directed IRA investing
  • Disciplined approach and commitment to excellence
  • Individual deal investing, tailored to meet each investor’s appetite for risk/reward