002: How the GOP Tax Plan May Impact Investors

Mike welcomes Jason Hartman to the podcast. Jason is the host of the Creating Wealth Podcast, a marketer, and a real estate investor who specializes in income properties.

Jason and Mike discuss the ups and downs of the real estate market and the new GOP Tax Plan (previously known as the Trump Plan.) They explore what the tax reform would mean for real estate investors and the economy in general. They also exchange opinions about the fad of crypto-currency and if it will be a game changer. If you are considering getting into the real estate market, specifically rental properties, today’s episode is for you!


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:20 — Welcome Jason Hartman.

00:54 — What Jason does in his business.

01:47 — The GOP Tax Plan and what it means for the economy.

02:20 — The type of people who invest with Jason.

02:34 — What the tax plan means for his investors.

03:47 — The home investment myth.

04:18 — Why people invest with Jason and the ideology he prescribes too.

04:58 — The rent to value ratio and Jason’s rule of thumb.

07:19 — The 4 basic benefits of real estate and income properties specifically.

09:34 — What will increased interest rates do to investment properties?

10:44 — Why landlords love high-interest rates.

12:52 — Jason’s theory, “Inflation Induced Debt Destruction.”

16:43 — The 3 dimensions of real estate.

17:33 — Why cryptocurrency isn’t going to work.

24:45 — What types of investments does Jason look for?

26:11 — The benefits of hard money lending.

27:20 — The downside of hard money lending.

28:47 — The Millennial Generation has been left out of the investment game.

32:28 — Real estate investors are benefiting from a construction boom.

33:38 — The way President Trump will help the economy.

35:43 — Why Mike and Jason believe it is a Bull market.

36:33 — Jason’s upcoming Meet the Masters conference.

36:55 — How to contact Jason.

37:17 — Thank you to Jason for joining the podcast.

37:33 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


Creating Wealth Podcast

Jason Hartman’s website

Meet the Masters of Income Property 2018

TF Management Group

001: Fund Investment with Tempo Funding

Mike Zlotnik and Cory Boatright launch the first episode of the Big Mike Fund Podcast! Mike is part of the investing team Tempo Funding Management. Cory is a real estate expert, entrepreneur, and business coach. Mike is excited to tell Cory about Tempo Funding Management and the investment services his team offers. They also plug a book they have co-written called Real Estate Investment Fund: How to Choose a SMART Real Estate Investing Fund: Top 10 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid Before Investing In a Real Estate Fund.

Mike discusses how a fund investment with Tempo Funding works. As well as who should consider investing in funds as opposed to individual investment opportunities. Tune in to hear about this unique investment option.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:29 — Welcome Cory Boatright.

01:12 — Introduction to the book and what readers can expect from it.

03:06 — Are funds a safe investment?

03:51 — Why US bonds are the most secure investment.

04:21 — Safe investments don’t exist.

04:34 — Where the real “safety” is in fund investments.

05:32 — The typical ROI (return on investment) of a fund.

07:00 — The role forced appreciation plays in the value of an investment.

09.50 — The types of services and investments Tempo Funding offers.

11:05 — The types of investors that are drawn to funds.

11:30 — What IRR (Internal Rate of Return) means.

12:09 — The structure of a Temp Funding fund strategy.

12:40 — The expectations an investor can expect from a fund.

16:40 — The 3 sources of liquidity Tempo Funding uses.

22:05 — Tempo Funding’s communication process with investors.

26:50 — What fees an investor can expect when investing in Tempo Funding Management.

28:41 — Why you need to know your investment team and the level of their integrity.

29:55 — Cory’s glowing endorsement of Mike and Tempo Funding Management.

32:22 — The typical payout schedule of a fund.

33:16 — How Tempo Funding finds its deal flow.

35:41 — What is an open-ended fund?

37:27 — Who benefits the most from an open-ended fund.

41:04 — The pros and cons of investing in a fund.

45:48 — How to contact Mike and Tempo Funding Management.

46:52 — Special thank you to Cory Boatright and the audience.

47:13 — Mike’s drive to help people.

48:44 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


TF Management Group

Real Estate Investment Fund: How to Choose a SMART Real Estate Investing Fund: Top 10 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid Before Investing In a Real Estate Fund


Asset Inflation Keeping People Out of the Investor Class, Stagnation, Hard Money Lending, Wage Growth with Mike Zlotnik

As listeners to this program, you know real estate is the best class to hedge against inflation but if you also invest with institutional investors it may be time to fold your hand and become your own decision maker.The Oklahoma City JHU Live event and Property Tour also includes a special panel of experts who will share their stories and answer your questions.