013: Defining Effective Leadership

My guest today is Patrick Precourt, an MMA fighter who is a successful gym operator. Pat is a very active member of the Collective Genius Mastermind. He is known as “the people’s developer” within the group. Pat is more than a business owner, he is a cultivator of people.

On today’s episode, Pat shares his view on business and how he approaches his management style. Listeners will learn about identifying a challenge and how to make it an opportunity. You will also learn how to find people that can bring creativity and multiple viewpoints to your company’s problems. Tune in to learn more about becoming a people developer and more about Collective Genius.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:22 — Welcome to the podcast, Patrick Precourt.

00:41 — Pat’s background with gym operation and Collective Genius Mastermind.

01:16 — How to show leadership and attract talent in your management style.

03:39 — How to identify a challenge and make it an opportunity.

04:11 — The difference between management and leadership.

08:11 — Why you can’t expect complete replication.

08:50 — What defines success for a gym?

10:45 — How location changes the key metrics.

11:27 — How to measure member happiness, create a community, and the “Cheers” effect.

15:06 — Why Mike prefers martial arts.

16:00 — The appeal of self-improvement and how to encourage it.

17:00 — Why Pat’s competitors can’t duplicate his business model.

17:45 — The benefits of the Collective Genius Mastermind.

20:15 — What makes Collective Genius Mastermind a great mastermind.

22:05 — The more you give, the more you get.

22:33 — Pat’s role in Collective Genius.

23:33 — Pat’s book recommendation.

24:52 — The Law of Attraction in a nutshell.

26:50 — Patrick Precourt’s contact information.

27:25 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


Big Mike Fund


012: The Value of Self-Storage Real Estate

My guest today is Scott Meyers, the expert behind Self-Storage Academy and Self-Storage Investing. These two businesses are the crux of Scott’s efforts to teach people how to make money in the self-storage industry. We discuss the types of self-storage facilities and how an owner can find the best fit for them.

Self-storage is a ripe industry for investment opportunities. It is the best of both worlds, real estate, and retail. Scott expands on the idea that self-storage facilities are often treated as businesses to increase their value. He describes his process to create a storage facility and offers his opinion on current market trends.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:22 — Welcome Scott Meyers to the podcast.

01:30  — Scott’s work with Ywam Homes of Hope.

04:22 — The value of self-storage real estate.

05:00 — Why Scott pivoted away from single-family rental real estate.

08:10 — Mike’s observations of Scott’s storage units and his educational tools.

09:19 — How you can invest in a self-storage facility as a business.

09:50 — The 3 types of self-storage projects.

11:28  — Type 1: Rehabbing existing self-storage units to increase value.

12:29 — Type 2: Converting an old industrial building to storage units.

13:15 — The benefits of converting a former business.

13:40 — Type 3: Building from the ground-up.

14:34 — Why Scott enjoys conversions and rehabs.

15:28 — Why Scott likes to find bigger projects.

16:50 — Why old shopping malls make ideal locations for self-storage businesses.

18:25 — Mike’s interest in self-storage and the projects he has going right now.

18:39 — The predictability of the self-storage business model.

20:25 — How to increase ROI (return on investment) on a self-storage unit and still keep tenants.

22:00 — The storage condo trend and what Scott thinks of it.

24:47 — What Scott takes into consideration when creating a self-storage facility.

28:30 — Scott’s contact information.

29:33 — Scott’s advice to new business owners.

31:36 —  Thanks to Scott Meyers for joining us today.

31:47 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


Big Mike Fund Podcast

Homes of Hope

Self-Storage Academy

Self-Storage Investing

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman

011: Investor Real Estate Deals

My guest today is Aaron Chapman, the loan officer and loan originator for the Security National Mortgage Company. Aaron specializes in investor real estate deals. He began his career doing purchase loans for owner-occupied properties. However, one discussion in the early 2000s changed the direction Aaron went moving forward. He explains why he likes working with investors and how the market is affected by investor deals.

Aaron is also a rescue worker for his local sheriff office in Arizona. We kick off our interview by exploring why Aaron decided to get involved with rescue training. His answer is very telling as to the kind of man he is. Aaron is a fellow member of the Collective Genius Mastermind group and he offers some smart observations of the current market. Tune in for this value-packed episode!


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:28 — Welcome Aaron Chapman to the podcast.

01:36 — Aaron’s work with his local sheriff department. The event that started it all.

04:28 — Why everybody can give back to their community.

05:50 — The state of the mortgage industry.

07:48 — The difference between purchasing loans for owners versus purchasing loans for investors.

11:00 — Where the loans come from.

11:20 — The huge opportunities in Aaron’s real estate space.

11:43 — The standard limits banks put on investor involved property deals.

12:00 — Aaron’s company’s approach to loan agreements.

13:00 — The minimum amount Security National Mortgage can give for a loan.

13:52 — America’s system and regulations regarding real estate development loans.

18:54 — Why Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are missing a big opportunity in Aaron’s space.

19:23 — The importance of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the current real estate market.

21:28 — Aaron’s predictions for interest rates.

25:00 — Mike’s opinion of Aaron’s prediction.

26:58 — The reduction of real estate inventory and what that means for the market.

30:00 — Aaron’s observations about the new construction trend.

33:34 — Aaron’s book recommendations.

35:00 — The importance of being grateful for your business and life.

43:40 — Aaron’s contact information.

44:33 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


Big Mike Fund

Security National Mortgage Company

Aaron Chapman’s email

010: The Benefits of Self Banking

My guest today is Gary Pinkerton, a wealth strategist at Paradigm Life. Gary has a fascinating personal history as a former military submarine captain. He transitioned into real estate as a civilian career. Gary and I discuss his path to wealth strategy. We also explore Gary’s specialty in infinite banking, which is a self-banking investment strategy.

Gary explains self-banking and outlines the benefits of using an insurance policy as a revenue source. We discuss the multiple uses for the money and how investors can take control of their liquidity.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:30 — Welcome Gary Pinkerton to the podcast.

01:03 — Gary’s former military experience.

03:07 — How Gary transitioned into civilian life.

05:06 — How Gary got involved with Paradigm Life.

06:30 — Gary’s observations of his differences from other veterans.

07:23 — The level in which Gary’s family is involved in his real estate business.

07:44 — How can life insurance be used as a self-banking vehicle?

08:20 — How life insurance protects wealth.

11:15 — The typical interest rates Gary has within his deals.

11:53 — The benefits of self-banking.

12:53 — Is the interest rate deductible?

15:22 — The differences between paying a lump sum into a policy versus paying into a policy over 20 years.

18:10 — The tax issues that come up with insurance policies.

20:06 — Paradigm Life’s goals for their clients.

21:34 — Why insurance policies include fees.

24:16 — The costs associated with one of Gary’s policies.

26:11 — How Gary structures his policies to help clients maintain their policy.

26:57 — Should you purchase life insurance for kids as a passive income?

29:15 — How to contact Gary.

31:04 — Mike’s impression of Gary’s policy structure.

31:42 — The standard process an investor goes through to use their policy as a savings account.

34:19 — How Gary’s deal structure is better than a “no money down” structure.

35:20 — Gary’s final thoughts for the audience.

36:50 — Mike encourages people to invest in their own talents.

37:16 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


The Secret Asset by David D’Arcangelo

Gary’s email

Gary Pinkerton’s website

009: New York’s Real Estate Market

Welcome back to the Big Mike Fund Podcast! My guest today is Eric Goodman. Eric and his father run Goodman Capital, a real estate investment firm that focuses on commercial real estate. Goodman Capital brokers closed fund deals and specialize in foreclosure sales.

Today, Eric tells me about his company’s fund structure and gives me some examples of sales that worked out for the best. We discuss the state of New York’s real estate market and how the pending tax reforms will affect the market.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:27 — Welcome Eric Goodman to the podcast.

00:47 — Eric’s background in real estate.

01:30 —  About Goodman Capital and commercial real estate.

03:00 — The types of deals Eric and his team look for.

04:46 — The difference between closed funds and open funds.

06:23 — What is a waterfall and how does Goodman Capital use the structure?

08:33 — The equity deals Eric and his team have seen in this market.

10:05 — The breakdown of Eric’s company’s capital.

12:49 — The difference between forced appreciation and natural appreciation.

13:22 — Examples of opportunities Eric has seen within the New York market.

16:13 — Where Goodman Capital gets its referrals.

17:16 — Eric’s predictions for New York’s real estate market.

19:45 — My opinion about the incoming tax reform and what that will mean for New York’s market.

23:30 — The top indicators of a market change.

25:25 — Thank you to Eric for joining the podcast.

25:45 — Eric’s contact information.

26:20 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


Goodman Capital

(516) 247-6012

Big Mike Fund

008: The Value of Small Balance Real Estate Deals

My guest today is Darris Cassidy, the principal of Fairway America and the president of Fairway America Capital Markets Group. Fairway is an investment consulting firm that specializes in Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) deals. Darris and his team help investors find the right investments for their money. The team also assists with capital raising as well as the administrative aspect of the deal.

On today’s episode, I thank Darris for Fairway’s service to me and my company and we explore the value Fairway America gives all their clients. We discuss the difference between an SBRE and a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), taking time to point out that one can significantly benefit the other in the long run. There is a lot of opportunity for investors with SBRE funds and Darris will help my audience see the tremendous value of one of these deals.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:23 — Welcome Darris Cassidy to the podcast.

02:17 — What are Small Balance Real Estate funds?

03:43 — What Fairway America does for their clients.

04:49 — Mike’s praise of Fairway America and the service they provide.

05:30 — Darris’s role as compliance representative for Fairway America.

06:19 — Mike’s experience with Darris and his team.

08:14 — How Darris and his team help clients raise capital.

08:45 — The difference between a SBRE and a REIT.

10:08 — The various types of SBRE funds.

10:40 — The benefits of SBRE funds.

14:07 — Why smaller deals are more flexible.

14:55 — How SBREs create value for REITs.

18:15 — Forced appreciation is a strong catalyst for growth.

19:40 — How  Fairway finds good deals for their clients.

21:26 — A deal Mike took because of Darris’s team involvement.

22:38 — Is fund administration different for smaller funds?

24:29 — Things that slow down an accountant’s work and make SBRE a slower process.

26:01 — Why REITs are a faster process.

26:54 — Observations on the deal compression market.

29:49 — Observations on equity deals.

32:02 — Darris’s opinion on investors’ expectations.

33:51 — Mike’s obligatory cryptocurrency mention.

35:10 — How to contact Darris and his team.

36:00 — Thank you Darris Cassidy for joining us today.

36:17 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


Fairway America


Redwood REA

Fiducia Labs

Big Mike Fund

Real Estate Investment Fund: How to Choose a SMART Real Estate Investing Fund: Top 10 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid Before Investing Into a Real Estate Fund (Private Money, REITs, Equity, Structure, Tax)  by Mike Zlotnick and Cory Boatright

007: Why Chicago is a Great Real Estate Market

My guest today is Saul Zenkevicius (Saul Z. to those of us in the business.) Saul is a Chicago based realtor who has a one-stop shop for home ownership. His company Chicagoland Home Buyer handles appraising, mortgages, house flipping, and real estate brokering.

Saul and I discuss how he manages to run such a massive company and keep it all straight. We also explore the Chicago area real estate market. Saul shares some of the trends he is noticing in his city and the optimism that is emerging in the market. Chicago has a bright future!


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:22 — Welcome Saul Z. to the podcast!

00:35 — The current weather in Chicago.

00:54 — What Chicagoland Home Buyer does for their clients.

02:35 — The importance of being diversified in today’s market.

02:58 — How Saul and his team keep track of all their services.

04:50 — The popular property options in Chicago.

07:10 — The current real estate trends in the Chicago area.

09:54 — What the new tax changes will mean for real estate trends.

10:33 — The declining population of Illinois and how it is affecting the market.

11:55 — Why Chicago is a great market for real estate.

13:11 — The possible market trend Saul is noticing in the Chicago’s Southside.

17:39 — How re-gentrification as helped New York’s rougher neighborhoods.

18:11 — Saul’s long-term investments.

19:30 — The market boom of industrial storage facilities and the reasons behind it.

23:00 — How to contact Saul and Chicagoland Home Buyer.

23:55 — Saul’s book recommendation.

25:11 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


Chicagoland Home Buyer


Big Mike Fund

006: Real Estate Trends in the Carolinas

My guests today are co-managers at a hard money lending company called Carolina Hard Money. Wendy Sweet and Bill Fairman have 50 years real estate development experience between the two of them. They specialize in multi-unit homes and Airbnb properties.

They discuss the exciting market developing over in the Carolinas (North and South) with me and the trends they have noticed. We also discuss the general trend of re-gentrification nationwide and the great opportunities it has created.

Plus, if you are interested in getting into the Airbnb model, Wendy has some awesome advice for you!


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:23 — Welcome Wendy Sweet and Bill Fairman.

02:00 — The exciting real estate trends happening in the Carolinas and how Wendy and Bill are riding the wave.

05:11 — The nationwide trend of reviving “the downtown” areas.

05:50 — The preference for multi-unit homes in Charlotte, NC.

07:56 — Why Charleston, SC is resisting the multi-unit trend.

08:35 — My observations of re-gentrification in New York.

09:35 — How Wendy and Bill structured their fund.

15:40 — Why there is no such thing as a guarantee.

17:16 — Is the fund cumulative profit? And why the answer matters.

18:05 — Wendy’s experience with short-term rentals.

20:19 — The common misconceptions newcomers have about Airbnb.

21:44 — The appeal of short-term rentals.

23:05 — What Airbnb really involves.

23:56 — The red tape issues that come up with Airbnb.

25:45 — The key to a great Airbnb experience.

26:36 — How Wendy and Bill cope with compression in their market.

31:17 — Our book recommendations for the audience.

33:22 — Thank you to Wendy and Bill for joining me today on the podcast.

34:10 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.



Wendy Sweet and Bill Fairman’s Freedom Founders Page

Carolina Hard Money

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni

Read Me Or Stay Broke: A Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring Your Financial Health: Guidance with (Money Management, Credit Ratings & Repair, Investing Basics, Financial Planning) by Mark Jackson II

Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom by Ron Paul

005: Freedom Founders Mastermind Group

I have Dr. David Phelps on the podcast today. Dr. Phelps is a former dentist that found financial freedom in real estate investing. He left his practice for personal reasons and soon found that others were curious about his passive income method. This prompted Dr. Phelps to start the Freedom Founders mastermind group. The mastermind is for professionals who want to make serious connections in the world of real estate investing.

Today, Dr. Phelps and I discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. Dr. Phelps’ personal story is very touching and inspirational. He explains why he began the mastermind group and how the group has taught him to be a better leader. He also gives his two cents on cryptocurrency and the upcoming tax cuts.


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:23 — Welcome Dr. David Phelps to the podcast.

01:16 — How great the Freedom Founders mastermind group really is!

02:52 — Why Dr. Phelps’ mastermind is for professionals.

04:00 — Why people have a need to find wise people.

04:38 — How masterminds work.

05:46 — Why Dr. Phelps left his practice.

08:22 — How Dr. Phelps began in real estate.

09:12 — The beginnings of Freedom Founders.

10:22 — My glowing endorsement of Freedom Founders.

11:35 — What does it mean to be “free?”

13:14 — There is no freedom in being a “lone wolf.”

14:01 — The qualities of a great leader.

17:20 — How vetting helps a mastermind group’s reputation.

18:57 — Dr. Phelps’ views on cryptocurrency.

20:22 — The value of differing opinions.

21:08 — Invest in what you know really well.

21:50 — Why you can’t build a financial portfolio on cryptocurrency.

22:40 — Dr. Phelps’ views on the tax cuts and “The Trump Effect.”

26:24 — How to find  Freedom Founders and Dr. David Phelps.

27:30 — Who is eligible for the Freedom Founders mastermind group.

28:38 — A special thank you to Dr. David Phelps for joining the podcast.

28:49 — Outro to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.


TF Management Group

Freedom Founders

Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast

004: Making the Most of IRAs

The Chief Business Development Officer for New Direction IRA, Clay Malcolm joins me on today’s podcast. I have been doing business with New Direction for many years and have nothing but great things to say about them.

Clay and I discuss what IRA (Individual Retirement Accounts) accounts are and how an investor can use them as an income source. We explore the process and the benefits that an IRA offers investors. Clay explains what New Direction’s role is in the IRA agreement and how his company makes the experience as painless as possible.  


00:00 — Introduction to the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

00:22 — Welcome Clay Malcolm.

00:48 — New Direction IRA’s awesome service.

01:23 — What is self-directed reinvesting?

01:33 — My personal experience with New Direction.

02:15 — What is an IRA and what are the benefits of one?

03:38 — The standard IRA account opening process.

04:24 — The benefits of having control in investment decisions.

05:47 — How loans are a great marriage with IRA accounts.

08:45 — What New Direction does for its clients.

10:12 — What is underlaid business income tax (UBIT)?

11:06 — How UBIT works in a traditional investment situation.

17:32 — My strategy for avoiding UBIT.

23:22 — The second option with my strategy.

24:06 — How my strategy benefits the business partner or “financial friend.”

27:21 — Clay’s reaction to my strategy.

30:06 — Other applications of my strategy.

31:05 — The cryptocurrency craze and does it qualify as an investment?

32:57 — The risks of cryptocurrency.

34:16 — Unusual investment choices Clay has seen in the past.

35:14 — How Bitcoin works in a real economy.

37:13 — The evitable evolution of Bitcoin.

38:11 — New Direction now offers an option for cryptocurrencies.

40:00 — A general conversation review.

41:07 — The webinar I am doing in partnership with New Direction IRA.

41:38 — How to contact Clay.

42:33 — A special thank you to Clay Malcolm and the audience.


TF Management Group

New Direction IRA

New Direction IRA Contact Information