053: Rental Properties Cash Flow: Multi-Family vs Single Family with CEO of Pioneer Homes Al Beahn


On today’s episode of the Big Mike Fund Podcast, I had the pleasure and privilege of having Al Beahn from Detroit, Michigan. Al is a real estate investing expert, a lifelong entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Pioneer Homes, the leading source for cash flow rental properties in Detroit. We talk about the multi-family vs. single-family market, best practices with contractors, and future plans in the real estate market and in the Detroit real estate market in particular.

Minute Markers:

01:19 – Who is Al? What does he do and what is his background?

04:20 – The Detroit market for turnkeys

07:52 – Average, typical cost of rent generated today (for a $60,000 home)

09:19 – The multi-family market vs. single-family market

15:09 – What is driving the Detroit market?

18:34 – What does the future hold for Al?

19:00 – How Al manages his crew

21:29 – Al’s best productivity tools and advice

28:35 – Getting a hold of Al

29:17 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast


“It has been, I guess, margin compression issue in many markets. It has happened and is happening today, all over the country.”

“To me, it starts with the construction. Every deal we’ve ever done that had any construction, our success and/or failure, came from the construction side of the deal, always.”

“It’s the key to success. You’re measuring and monitoring progress daily.”

“When it comes to contractors, I have always found that trying to find the cheapest guys, you always, always end up spending more money in the end.”


Al Beahn, email: al@pioneerhomesus.com

Al Beahn, LinkedIn

Al Beahn, Facebook

Pioneer Homes, website

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