Selected Take-Aways

  1. Mike Zlotnik, our Founder and CEO originally started the business in 2009
  2. Mike is a servant at heart, he serves:
    • Our employees
    • Our stakeholders
    • and our investors
  3. We are unique because:
    • We are a family of funds
    • We are broadly diversified
    • We focus on small real estate funds and syndication's
    • Not billion-dollar funds
    • We're not one of the Wall Street banks or Wall Street organizations where it's a million-pound gorilla
    • More like $25 million funds or one-off syndication deals
    • We invest in: industrial, offices, shopping plazas, raw land, self-storage, multifamily units, and hotel conversions to multifamily properties
    • So the breadth of exposure is pretty, pretty substantial
  4. With us, you learn a lot about various investment types and it broadens your horizons quite a bit:
    • It’s like you earning an “MBA real estate funds degree” without the six-figure price tag
    • You get a hands on understanding of real estate, investing in real estate, managing real estate, optimizing investments, while interacting with our clients and our partners
  5. We are a small company and we have close relationships with each other:
    • Our whole team is like a family
    • We work together as a big extended family
  6. Mike’s philosophies and background include:
    • Being a lifelong learner and he expect his team to continue to learn
    • He learned years ago in the technology world that there's one single reason, why people either succeed and are happy in the job or they leave, and that’s the relationship with their immediate supervisor or their boss
    • Mike focuses on you, your individual development, and making sure that you're successful, in what you do
    • He grew up in the former Soviet Union and he left when it was still the former Soviet Union
    • He was a political refugee from the communist evil empire and ran away from them in 1989
    • He came to the United States as a political refugee and became a U.S. citizen and a e US patriot
    • He’s been married to his lovely wife for over 20 years
    • They have four kids plus a cat, and he is a big family man
  7. A little more about us:
    • We have a strong culture of contribution
    • A strong culture of being part of a family and a team atmosphere
    • A culture of integrity, a do what you say atmosphere
    • We are constantly learning and improving on this journey
    • A strong culture of being something bigger than just the financial piece of people's lives
  8. What you can expect from us:
    • We lay out very clear expectations
    • You won’t have to wonder how you are being measured, managed or what kind of contribution you are making to the company
    • We do a good job of really focusing on our people, processes and technology
  9. A few characteristics of our investor community:
    • They are very smart
    • Very sophisticated
    • Have a high net worth
    • and trust us with their capital to deploy either on income deals, growth deals, and/or growth and income deals, depending on their needs