Tempo Opportunity Fund

We specialize in providing flexible short-term hard money and transactional loans for real estate projects. We also invest in equity of strong real estate projects with proper leverage and strong sponsors. Learn more about how to become a private lender.

TF Management Group LLC is a private investment fund management company that specializes in both short-term debt financing for real estate “fix and flip” projects, and long-term “value-add” equity deals with strong sponsors, good cash-flow and forced appreciation with proper debt leverage to maximize risk-adjusted-returns.

We are proud members and supporters of the American Association of Private Lenders

About Tempo Opportunity Fund

TF Management Group LLC functions as a mortgage pool, investing directly in trust deeds and mortgages. All our investments are secured by liens on Real Property. We are focused on short-term loans with well understood exit strategy. This enables us to react to changing market conditions as well as to maximize ROI for the fund.

Investors have benefited from the intelligent due-diligence and underwrtiting practices that TF Management Group LLC provides – resulting in strong double-digit returns.

Reasons to invest:

  • Proven diversification
  • Many years of experience by Fund Managers
  • Well managed risk
  • Over 600 transactions completed
  • Predictable returns
  • Suitable for Self-Directed IRA
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TF Management Group LLC (“TF Management”) is seeking to secure equity and debt investments from qualified and accredited investors in connection with the Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC (the “Fund”).

The Fund’s investment objective is to generate 10-13% net annual returns to its investors by acquiring real estate directly, participating in partnerships and joint ventures, syndicated equity deals, and other 506 Reg D funds focused on commercial and residential real estate projects, as well as originating and acquiring well secured, short-term real estate loans on residential and commercial properties across the country.


If you would like to learn more about the products, services and/or investment opportunities that TF Management Group LLC offers please contact a member of our team at 800-289-6755.
We look forward to speaking with you.