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Could Value-Add Deals Be Your Next Wealth Builder?

Flipping houses has been the craze within the real estate space in recent years due to increased publicity from TV shows. Investors buy a dilapidated house, flip it, and sell it at full market value making making a big profit.

Most of the time, these TV personalities are flipping single-family homes, but what do value-add projects look like in the multi-family housing space? These projects are harder to find but quickly turn into money making machines with the right management and capital.

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Is the U.S. Economy Headed Toward a Recession?

Investors, analysts and financial advisors all use financial instruments to try and predict the future of the U.S. economy.

One instrument investors continue to monitor is the yield curve– a plotted graph representing short-term and long-term bond interest rates over varying maturities. The yield curve’s slope gives key insights into the economic outlook of an economy along with market health predictability.

In this month’s newsletter, we will take an inside look at current yield curve projections, potential impact on investors, and how to prepare your portfolio for an economic downturn.

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Introduction to Real Estate Investing

Are you new to the investing space or are interested in investing your money beyond the stock market?

In this month’s newsletter, Introduction to Real Estate Investing, we will compare and contrast stock market benefits with real estate investing and how to enter the real estate space for non-professional investors. By the end, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the basic entry points into real estate, how to finance your first investment, and how individual deals compare to investing in a fund.

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